FREE WEDDING VIDEO!! Florence, KY, Cincinnati, Louisville Areas

Let our team of Northern Ky Wedding Videographers help you out this upcoming wedding season!

It is our belief that every couple deserves a beautiful wedding videography experience on their special day…NO MATTER THEIR INCOME STATUS….unfortunately we cannot provide this offer to everyone. However, we are providing our NO TIME LIMIT wedding videography package to a handful of brides throughout the wedding season. Are you barely able to supply enough funds to cover even the BASIC wedding day expenses but truly desire a video for your long-lasting memories? If you meet the requirements, send us a message explaining your current situation and let us give you a FREE wedding videography service 🙂  **Keep in mind…if you can afford a DJ, or a wedding venue, catering or limo…you wont qualify for this free service…we want to help those loving couples who are barely able to pull their day together, despite financial challenges.

See more of us at Northern Ky Wedding Videographer

florence ky free wedding video


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